A Street Cat Named Bob

Meth is a serious drug that can cause life time effect to those users that took high tolerance of the drug, but for some drugs or minimal users that still wishes to have a new life “cleaning” is possible.

Here’s a very good movie suggestion that may change your life or help you realize that there’s more to life if you stayed clean and sober.

James (with Bob often on his shoulder) faces obstacles, including a negligent father (Anthony Head), street ruffians and methadone withdrawal (depicted in almost cursory fashion). But fortunately he has a mildly daffy neighbor, Belle (Ruta Gedmintas), to cook him a vegetarian supper. (They’re so simpatico that at one point she wears stylized cat ears.) A gently sparkling score, and folkish songs by Charlie Fink of the band Noah and the Whale, sung by the guileless, wide-eyed Mr. Treadaway, pluck the heartstrings. “Cat cam” sequences, showing Bob’s visual perspective, have a playful whimsy. Did I mention that it’s set largely over the holidays?

When an editor discovers James’s story, book buyers applaud the budding memoirist, and he regales an appreciative street audience with song. Thank heavens for Bob, whose steady gaze and cool composure are a welcome tonic to the surrounding sentimentality.