Signs of Meth Use

Signs of Meth Use

  • Meth produces an extremely pleasurable feeling, although the rush takes different amounts of time to surface based on the method of taking the drugs. Users who smoke or inject meth feel the pleasure as an immediate rush, although the effects wear off just as quickly.
  • Snorting or orally ingesting meth produces a pleasurable feeling without the rush, with snorting taking about five minutes for the drug to produce the symptoms and ingestion taking up to 20 minutes for the high to hit. The effects of meth are also long lasting compared to other stimulants such as crack or cocaine. A meth high can last up to 12 hours.
  • In addition to exhibiting euphoria, users can show increased energy levels and engage in intense physical activity. They may have no desire to eat nor sleep and may experience confusion.

    Long-term meth users can suffer drastic weight loss or anorexia, loss of memory and impaired thinking, reasoning and learning. They may become aggressive, irritable and afflicted with bouts of paranoia and emotional problems.

    Users may lose interest in activities they used to enjoy and exhibit other changes in personality.


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